How Can You Make The Most Of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Treatments like coolsculpting or laser hair removal have become very common. They have also become very affordable and due to the effectiveness of these procedures, there is a steep rise in their demand across Surrey. During either of these procedures you will be undressing yourself in front of a stranger. Apart from working hard on losing all your inhibitions you will have to take certain other steps as well so that the procedure is a success. When it comes to laser hair removal in Surrey, you will have to do a few things on your own so that the entire procedure goes down smoothly and you don’t have any regrets later on. By doing this you will be eliminating any chances of treatment failure.

Laser-Hair removal

Shave Before Your Treatment

Your laser hair removal expert is going to tell you to shave the entire area where theunwanted hair is about 24 hours before the actual treatment. Keep in mind that you are

not supposed to wax or pluck any hairs from their roots. The reason is that the laser being used here is going to directly heat up and burn the root of the hair strand. This means that if you uproot the hair, there will be nothing to destroy and the whole treatment is going to fail. In fact, shaving the hair from the places that you want it removed gives the laser better access to the root of the hairs and that spells the success of the treatment from the start.

Avoid Sun Exposure At All Costs

You do understand that laser hair removal works on melanin. This is to say that the laser being used to remove your unwanted hair identifies the hair strands based on the amount of melanin they contain. This means that any individual who wants the hair removed should have fair skin and dark hair to be begin with. Exposing yourself to the sun may cause tan and sunburn. This would darken your skin and make it difficult for the laser equipment to identify the hair strands and differentiate your skin from the root of the hair. So even if you do shave before the day of the treatment, you might just end up damaging your skin by going for the statement the next day.

Take Off All Your Makeup!

It is quite obvious that if you want any kind of laser hair removal procedure done on your face or neck, you will have to remove all your makeup and any leftover / residue of it as well. It is always better to not have any products on your skin because that may result in depigmentation of your skin and burns due to the resultant improper laser maneuvering. So now you know how to make the most of your laser hair removal treatment in Surrey.

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