5 Ways to Transform Dry Dull Skin into Glowing and Radiant Skin

A Medical Aesthetician’s List of Reasons Your Skin May Look Dull this Fall –   Professional & at-home solutions to have your skin glowing in no time.

Debris Buildup! Our skin sheds millions of tiny cells which can build up on the surface blocking the skin’s ability to reflect light giving the a very dull or gloomy appearance. HACK: Exfoliate gently 2-3 days a week to remove the debris and give the skin a refreshed and glistening appearance.

Exposure to free radicals such as dirt, carbon and pollutants cause oxidative stress leading to damaged collagen (yes wrinkles) and uneven skin tone (including brown spots). HACK: Use a proper cleansing routine day and night to ensure you are removing these and protect your skin with an ANTIOXIDANT rich product that will neutralize these free radicals before they have a chance to cause havoc.

Excess stress or lack of rest can increase our cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body and impede our skin’s ability to regenerate and replenish leaving it drab and sunken looking. HACK: Unplug from technology 1 hour before bed to allow for ample deep sleep hours.

Over Hydrating or piling on moisturisers. True hydration for the skin must come from within. Over applying creams and moisturizers may give you a temporary illusion that the skin is hydrated but it will send a message to your cells causing them to slow down on internal hydration leaving the skin looking even more tired looking. HACK: Hydration must come from within, drink ample water and apply a hydration stimulator rather than a “moisturizer.”

Lack of Nutrients– Diet is really important, after all, we are what we eat. We cannot expect our cells to function optimally if we are not fuelling them properly. HACK: Ensure you are eating antioxidant, vitamin rich food (and a good multivitamin to ensure your bases are covered).


Have you been noticing some laxity or jowls? You are not alone, we hear you and have made a special treatment combo to target LAXITY & SKIN TONE.

This customized 1 Hour treatment consists of:
1 – Venus Legacy Skin Tightening for Jowl & Submental area (Lifting treatment).
2 – Exfoliating Polish (Gives skin a porcelain finish).
3 – Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (Reduces Puffiness & tired looking skin).
4 – Hydrafacial (Famous Medical Facial).
5 – Take home ZO Brightening Masque (Prolongs brightening results at home).

Value of $399 for ONLY $175 Until November 9th.
* This treatment can be booked at our Surrey or Coquitlam location with our SHINE BRIGHT specialists Rachael or Lily.

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